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At FBA, Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Financial Advisers (FA's) and Wealth Managers across the UK have access to an online platform where they can buy good quality, qualified leads. They can also earn a fee for client case referrals too.

Financial Advisers in the UK and Wealth Manangers who would like to use lead generation to grow their client base will be able to register at FBA and buy client leads as and when they arise. This means they can grow their client base, at their own pace.

Certified Financial Planners who would like to manage their referrals in a more time-efficient way and benefit from knowing that clients are being well looked after, regardless of their location in the UK, can also post details of case work piece-by-piece and earn a fee in return.

If you are looking for quality leads and a more efficient way of handling client referrals, then the FBA platform is the place for you.

The unique flexibility of FBA’s platform, which focuses on both lead generation and managing referrals, means you are always in complete control of your client base and your business.

Some frequently asked questions:

Can I use the FBA platform for lead generation?

Absolutely, FBA is a platform where advisers operating in financial services, real estate, accountancy and legal services can come to post details of client work they want to refer. By searching through the cases on offer, you can bid for leads and expand your client base. 

Why should I change the way I currently manage referrals?

Referring case work externally via informal, reciprocal agreements is not a modern and efficient way to do business. Financial advisers who operate in this way are wasting time and money. Read our report entitled ‘Managing Referrals’ for more information about this. 

How easy is it to get started?

Simply register under ‘User Login’ and follow the steps outlined in the confirmation email you receive from the FBA team.

Can you explain the fee structure for using the FBA platform?

FBA’s fee structure is simple and transparent:

  • Registration Fee : Nil 
  • Membership Fee: Nil 
  • Sellers Fee : ​Post a Case: 10 Free Listings - thereon in £15.00 per case
  • Buyers Fee: Bid for Case: 10% of the agreed bid price with the Seller 

If I have other questions, who can I ask?

For further information, send an email to or contact Ash Patel directly at

349 Hagley Rd, Edgbaston
West Midlands
B17 8DL
United Kingdom