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Please find a collection of useful reports and ‘how to’ guides which could help you to improve your way of working and earn more money at the same time.

Financial Advisor

Managing referrals: an emerging market opportunity for financial advisers and wealth managers. This heavyweight report sheds light on the referral market for financial advice and other professional services in the UK. It also offers advice about how to manage referrals in a way that is beneficial for both the adviser and their client, while earning revenue at the same time.

How to drive profits from referrals: a guide for financial advisers and wealth managers. Here’s a useful guide to help you to manage referrals more efficiently and profitably.

Real Estate

Managing referrals: a revenue-making opportunity for estate agents. In today’s competitive marketplace, estate agents need all the help they can get to make money and differentiate their service at the same time. Here’s a research-based report that sheds light on the referrals market.

How to drive profits from referrals : a guide for estate agents. It has probably never been more challenging for estate agents to turn a profit but, as this report shows, you could be making more of your client referrals. Here’s how to do it.