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FBA.com is an innovative platform allowing financial advisers, mortgage advisers, wealth managers, estate agents, lawyers and accountants to refer client cases quickly and simply, while making money and protecting their clients’ interests in the process.

The Financial Conduct Authority introduced the Retail Distribution Review in January 2013 to ensure consumers and other investors have access to sound financial advice. These changes have caused a major reorganisation of the advisory market. Many advisers are choosing to specialise in areas such as mortgages, pensions or investments and case referrals are becoming more common. 

Our objective is to help advisers to manage case referrals more efficiently; allowing them to earn a small fee for their trouble and ensure the best outcome for their client. We also think advisers will appreciate the transparent nature of the FBA.com platform, which is accessible to the whole adviser community. Using the platform, advisers can add value to their client service by making referrals based on a defined set of criteria such as capacity, location, expertise and adviser feedback.

Driving their business development, advisers can also use the platform to identify and bid for new client leads as and when needed.

Our services can be used by advisers in the following sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Legal Services
  • Accountancy Services

Some examples of the case work that can be referred at FBA.com follow:

  • Mortgage finance
  • Conveyancing services
  • Mortgage-related insurance
  • Pensions advice
  • Investment advice
  • Private client tax planning and advice
  • ​Wealth management services  

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